The Bath Ball Replacement Filters (as seen in Gaiam)



BR-104 Bath Ball Replacement Filter (as seen in Gaiam)


  • If your box was checked KDF-55, this is the correct model
  • Designed for Chlorine Treated Waters


BR-104-85 Chloramine Bath Ball Replacement Filter


  • If your box was checked KDF-85, this is the correct model
  • If your water is treated with Chloramines, this model is the ideal choice for you
  • Filters both Chlorine & Chloramine
  • The Best Choice for those on Well Water


  • Chlorine or Chloramine?

    How to choose whether you need a Chlorine or Chloramine model Bath Ball Water Filter:

    Chlorine is and has been the standard sanitizer that all municipal water treatment systems add to tap water since the 1920s. Recently however, some treatment centers have started adding chloramines to tap water. Chloramines are a compound of chlorine & ammonia and can cause premature expiration of the standard BB-104 Chlorine Model Bath Ball Water Filter. For best results, if your water is treated with the alternative Chloramine disinfectant, we’d recommend that you select the BB-104-85 Model is the designed to perform better and last longer when Chloramine is present.

    Want to make sure? We’ll check and see what your Municipal Water Treatment Facility is adding to your water.                                     

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Chlorine or Chloramine filter?

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